Import Controls


Officers should have a clear understanding of the import controls on feed – including sampling and analysis and specific measures relating to feed not of animal origin – or at minimum a basic knowledge of these if they are working inland. They should be familiar with the port environment and the agencies involved in import controls, and be able to use the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed. Those involved in the control of the import of ammonium nitrate material will also have a clear understanding of the relevant legislation.

Core Learning Resources

 Importing products of non-animal origin

Food Standards Agency (FSA), 2017

 Importing High Risk Food

FSA, 2017

Includes Regulation 669/2009: Increased level of import controls on certain feed and food

 Animal Feed Legislation:

Guidance for enforcement authorities

FSA, 2017

 Animal Nutrition: Official Controls


Includes Regulation 882/2004: Official controls for the verification of compliance

 Food and Feed Safety


Includes Regulation 178/2002: General requirements and principles of food law

 Resource Pack: Inland Enforcement of Imported Feed and Food Controls

FSA, 2012

 Importing Fertilisers

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) (archived)

  Importing Solid Ammonium Nitrate

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), 2016

Training Courses

 Mersey Port Health Authority

Mersey Port Health Authority


Further Reading

 Imports and Exports


 Imports / Exports: Animals and Animal Products

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and DEFRA, 2015

 Ammonium Nitrate

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)