Farm Animals


A competent Animal Health Officer must have knowledge of the law relating to animal health and welfare, being aware of statutory and procedural time limits. He or she must be aware of the roles and responsibilities of other organisations, have an understanding of farming practices and procedures, and be able to use all appropriate systems.

Key websites:

resource iconAPHA

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)

resource iconFood and Farming

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) + Others

resource iconAnimal Health and Welfare

Welsh Government

Core Learning Resources

 Animal Health and Welfare Framework 2014-2015

Defra and Welsh Government, 2014

 Contingency Plan for Exotic Notifiable Diseases of Animals

Defra and Welsh Government, 2012

 Animal Welfare


Advice and guidance on protecting animal welfare on farms, in transport, at markets and at slaughter. Includes specific guides on animal welfare issues.

 Guidance on Importing or Exporting Live Animals or Animal Products


  Guidance for Local Authorities on the Licensing of Movements of Livestock

Defra, 2012



List of approved premises for handling animal by-products

  Biosecurity: Cleansing and Disinfection of Livestock Vehicles

Defra (archived)

info iconCleaner cattle and sheep

info iconMeat industry guide

e-learning iconAnimal Diseases - Wales

e-learning iconLivestock Welfare - Wales

e-learning iconHorses - Wales

e-learning iconAnimal By-products - Wales

e-learning iconWelfare of Animals in Transport - Wales

e-learning iconImport and Export of Animals and Animal Products - Wales

e-learning iconFarm Animal Movements and Identification - Wales

All Welsh Government

Further Reading

 Disease Prevention for Livestock Farmers

 Notifiable Diseases in Animals

 Controlling Disease in Farm Animals

 Guidance for the Animal By-Product Industry


Resources for farmers and businesses

report iconExotic Animal Disease Risk Pathways and Countermeasures

Defra, June 2011

  Imports / Exports: Animals and Animal By-Products

  Controls on Animal By-Products

e-learning iconAnimal Welfare in Severe Weather


resource iconAnimal Health

European Commission (EC)

info iconAnimal Welfare:

Ensuring the humane and responsible treatment of farm animals

EC, 2007

report iconUK Audit: Measures Concerning Official Controls on Feed Legislation

EC, 2009

Other Information

resource iconRegulatory Information and Management Systems

RH Environmental Ltd

Procedures, documents and publications on environmental health subjects, available on subscription


Information for farmers

resource iconBritish Veterinary Association

resource iconGovernment Veterinary Journal


resource iconFarm Animal Welfare Committee

Provides advice to Defra and devolved administrations on the welfare of farmed animals

resource iconThe Pig Site

Online news and technical resource to the global swine industry