Officers should be aware of national policies relating to age restricted products, the wider environment, and approaches open to local authorities.

Core Learning Resources

 The Government's Alcohol Strategy

Home Office, 2012

 Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A Tobacco Control Plan for England

Department of Health (DoH), 2011

 Tobacco Control Plan for Wales

Welsh Government, 2017

Further Reading

 Age Restricted Products and Services Framework

BEIS Regulatory Delivery, 2014

Agreed responsibilities and expectations with regard to the supply of age restricted products and services

 Impact and Outcomes Toolkit for the Regulation of Age Restricted Sales

BEIS Regulatory Delivery, 2013

 Protecting Young People from Alcohol Related Harm

BEIS Regulatory Delivery, 2009

Successful initiatives to reduce underage sales of alcohol

 CleaR: local tobacco control assessment

Public Health England

Guidance on using 'deep dive' assessment tools to improve tobacco control work



Both European Commission (EC)



Both World Health Organisation (WHO)