Primary Authority


Regulators who are overseeing the operation of a Primary Authority partnership must understand and be able to apply the principles of partnership management, including setting clear objectives, liaising with the business to develop an agreed plan of activity, targeting resources in accordance with risk, and evaluating performance in a transparent manner. They must also know how to use Primary Authority Advice and inspection plans effectively to provide information and guidance to the business and enforcing authorities.

Core Learning Resources

 Primary Authority Overview

Regulatory Delivery, 2017

Background information on the scheme

 Primary Authority Statutory Guidance

Regulatory Delivery, 2017

The framework for the operation of Primary Authority

 Local regulation: Primary Authority

Links to guides for businesses, local authorities, enforcement officers, trade associations, businesses with a co-ordinated primary authority, and national regulators

  Primary Authority Register

Regulatory Delivery

Further Reading

 Primary Authority documents

Regulatory Delivery

These support good practice for primary authorities and include templates and draft agreements for use by Primary Authority partnerships