Gambling Act 2005


Officers should have a clear understanding of the legal framework; the roles of the Gambling Commission, local authorities and licensing committees; the powers and duties of enforcing agencies; and the procedures for processing the various licences, permits and notices, extending to hearings, appeals and reviews.

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Core Learning Resources

  Guidance to Licensing Authorities

Gambling Commission, 2013

  Gambling Permits

 Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice

 Gambling Codes of Practice

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  Case Law Library

Gambling Commission

Case law to assist the interpretation and application of the Gambling Act 2005

  Licensing Authorities' Inspection Guidance Templates

Gambling Commission / Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Licensing Forum / Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership

These templates for inspections at gambling premises are intended to make gambling regulations easier to access and understand and to support regulatory services in providing advice and guidance to business on how to achieve compliance

 Licensing Authority Returns

 Local Authority Lotteries

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Training Courses

 Institute of Licensing

 National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers

Further Reading

 Concordat Agreement for Working with Licensing Authorities

 Good Practice Library

 Licensing Authority Bulletin

 Gaming Machine Categories

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 Find Licensees

Gambling Commission

The list of personal licenses granted by the Gambling Commission

 Code of Practice: Age Restricted Products

Better Regulation Delivery Office, 2013

 Regulating Gambling in Great Britain

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

 Government Response to the Select Committee Report:

Gambling Act 2005: A Bet Worth Taking?

DCMS, 2013

 Gambling for Local Authorities:

Licensing, Planning and Regeneration

Philip Kolvin, Institute of Licensing, 2010

ISBN 978-0-9555392-1-3

Available for purchase

Other Information

 National Licensing Forum

Institute of Licensing

 Responsible Gambling Strategy Board

Advises the Gambling Commission and DCMS on the research, education and treatment programmes needed to support a national responsible gambling strategy, and associated funding requirements

 Responsible Gambling Trust

Leading UK charity committed to minimising gambling-related harm, funded by the gambling industry. Includes an information hub

 Gaming Regulators' European Forum

Forum for the exchange of views and information and the discussion of policy on regulatory matters

 International Association of Gaming Regulators

Seeks to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of gambling regulation