Regulators' Code - Section 1: Local Authorities and Fire and Rescue Authorities

Regulators should carry out their activities in a way that supports those they regulate to comply and grow

Regulators should avoid imposing unnecessary regulatory burdens through their regulatory activities and should assess whether similar social, environmental and economic outcomes could be achieved by less burdensome means. Regulators should choose proportionate approaches to those they regulate, based on relevant factors including, for example, business size and capacity.

When designing and reviewing policies, operational procedures and practices, regulators should consider how they might support or enable economic growth for compliant businesses and other regulated entities, for example, by considering how they can best:

  • understand and minimise negative economic impacts of their regulatory activities;
  • minimising the costs of compliance for those they regulate;
  • improve confidence in compliance for those they regulate, by providing greater certainty; and
  • encourage and promote compliance.

Regulators should ensure that their officers have the necessary knowledge and skills to support those they regulate, including having an understanding of those they regulate that enables them to choose proportionate and effective approaches.

Regulators should ensure that their officers understand the statutory principles of good regulation and of this Code, and how the regulator delivers its activities in accordance with them.

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This slide pack can be used to explain the statutory basis and scope of the Code, and to summarise its provisions, in line with section 1.4. The notes with each slide provide the presenter with some background information and examples and suggest discussion points that can be used to explore the implications of the Code for your local authority. It is suggested that the presenter selects the 'Notes Pages' option when printing out the slides for his or her own use.

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