Leadership Skills


Effective leadership is a key driver of organisational success. Leadership involves creating a clear and compelling vision, communicating it within an organisation and through engagement with stakeholders, building a cohesive and effective team to deliver that vision, and managing capacity, processes, people and other assets effectively. Feedback on the skills regulatory services leaders require to deliver organisational change - received from staff, elected members and business representatives - differs with perspective but shares a common thread.

In general, good leaders need to:

  • develop and communicate a compelling vision and strategy;
  • motivate individual staff to think and act as part of a team;
  • encourage them to act on their own initiative regardless of status;
  • have the courage to make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions;
  • personally exemplify organisational values and direction but have the confidence to admit when they are wrong;
  • know what is going on in regulatory services and the wider business world; and
  • respond effectively to changes in the political and commercial environment.

Further starting points follow:

 Leading in Tough Times

Office of Public Management, 2010

info iconLeadership Factsheet (site registration required)

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2011

Core Learning Resources

Leadership, as a subject area, is vast. Consequently, the material below has passed strict inclusion criteria, being both recent and specific to the UK public sector. Even so, it is only a small selection of what is available. In relation to this module in particular, it is worth noting that the development of GRIP is ongoing. If you feel that something pertinent is omitted, draw it to our attention.

resource iconSociety of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE)

resource iconAcademi Wales

Welsh public service's centre for leadership excellence

tool iconEmerging Leadership:

A Handbook for Middle Management Development

Local Government Improvement and Development, 2007

guide iconCipfa.org - Leading in Hard Times:

Guidance for Everyone Involved in the Leadership of Public Services

Chartered Institute of Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), June 2010

report iconLeadership at all Levels:

Leading Public Sector Organisations in an Age of Austerity

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report iconLeading Beyond Boundaries:

Leadership in Local Government

Stanton Marris, 2007

Further Reading

report iconStepping Up:

A Framework for Public Sector Leadership on Sustainable Development

Forum for the Future, 2010