E-learning and Guided Reading

Accessing educational material that is available online or via a digital format such as a DVD or CD gives you complete control over the pace of your learning and flexibility about when and where it is done. It can be cost-effective by eliminating travel time. It also lends itself to guided reading that is geared to the achievement of a set development objective. This is a straightforward way to acquire the operational information or broader understanding that you need for your role, or to keep up with developments in a specific professional or technical area. Many different types of document can be studied, from internal memos and reports at one end of the spectrum to books and scientific papers at the other.

Getting best value

  • Identify areas for development
  • Set a clear objective
  • Choose the technology you prefer
  • Timetable learning to fit your schedule
  • Work at set times for short periods
  • Confirm your understanding of key points through review with your manager