Project Work and Delegation

These overlap considerably and involve tackling a specific task (or tasks) of finite duration to help you enhance particular skills or provide detailed knowledge of an area you have identified as a development need. The potential scope of project work is obviously very broad, and can encompass planning, stakeholder engagement, leadership, management, implementation, communications, results analysis and so forth. Delegation involves you getting the authority to do something, and may require you working at a more senior level on a temporary basis.

Getting best value

  • The project or delegated work must be real, not pretend (and not a tedious task your manager wishes to divest)
  • It must stretch you, going beyond your comfort zone
  • You must have freedom to act within the terms of reference
  • You must have leeway to overcome any problems that arise

Your line managers should:

  • Explain why the task is necessary
  • Ensure you are appropriately prepared
  • Confirm that you have fully understood the brief
  • Agree the objectives and timescales
  • Agree performance measures to allow the degree of success to be assessed
  • Give advice only if you request or if absolutely necessary
  • Conduct an evaluation at the close