Regulators' Code - Section 4: National Regulators

Regulators should share information about compliance and risk

Regulators should collectively follow the principle of “collect once, use many times” when requesting information from those they regulate.

When the law allows, regulators should agree secure mechanisms to share information with each other about businesses and other bodies they regulate, to help target resources and activities and minimise duplication.

Core Learning Resources

 Local and National Regulation: Information Sharing

Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing, 2016

 Risk Assessment: Information Sharing

BRDO, 2013

Further Reading

  Guide to Data Protection

Information Commissioner's Office

 Knowledge Management: Tools and Techniques

Improvement and Development Agency, 2008

  Data Sharing for Non-economic Regulators

BRDO, 2014

This consultation seeks views on non-economic regulators sharing data collected from businesses, to build the evidence to design effective solutions that work for both parties. It indicates current thinking in this area.