Regulators' Code - Section 6: National Regulators

Regulators should ensure that their approach to their regulatory activities is transparent

Regulators should publish a set of clear service standards, setting out what those they regulate should expect from them.

Regulators’ published service standards should include clear information on:

  • how they communicate with those they regulate and how they can be contacted;
  • their approach to providing information, guidance and advice;
  • their approach to checks on compliance, including details of the risk assessment framework used to target those checks as well as protocols for their conduct, clearly setting out what those they regulate should expect;
  • their enforcement policy, explaining how they respond to non-compliance;
  • their fees and charges, if any. This information should clearly explain the basis on which these are calculated, and should include an explanation of whether compliance will affect fees and charges; and
  • how to comment or complain about the service provided and routes to appeal.

Information published to meet the provisions of this Code should be easily accessible, including being available at a single point on the regulator’s website that is clearly signposted, and it should be kept up to date.

Regulators should have mechanisms in place to ensure that their officers act in accordance with their published service standards, including their enforcement policy.

Regulators should publish, on a regular basis, details of their performance against their service standards, including feedback received from those they regulate, such as customer satisfaction surveys, and data relating to complaints about them and appeals against their decisions.

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