Officers should work effectively with planning officers to ensure that appropriate noise control measures are incorporated into the design of a development, and where necessary recommend appropriate planning conditions on noise. They should understand the planning development control system and its application to buildings and infrastructure.

Core Learning Resources

 Local Plans

Planning Portal / HM Government

 Planning Act 2008: Guidance on the Pre-application Process

CLG, 2013


British Standards Institution

See in particular:

  • BS 6472-1: 2008 and BS 6472-2: 2009 – Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings
  • BS 7445-1: 2003 – Description and measurement of environmental noise
  • BS 7385-2: 1993 – Evaluation and measurement of vibration in buildings
  • BS 8233: 1999 – Code of practice for sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings
  • ISO 1996-2: 2007 – Description, assessment and measurement of environmental noise

 Building Regulations 2010:

Approved Document E: Resistance to the Passage of Sound

Planning Portal / HM Government

See also the 2013 amendments

Further Reading

 Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

Highways Agency, 2013

 Transport Analysis Guidance: Webtag

Department for Transport

 Good Practice Guide:

Application of ETSU-R-97 for the assessment and rating of wind turbine noise

Institute of Acoustics, 2013

 Guidelines for Community Noise

World Health Organisation, 1999