Officers should understand Government policy on noise, extending to the application of the Environmental Noise Directive.

Core Learning Resources

 Noise Policy Statement for England

Defra, 2010

 National Planning Policy Framework

 Technical Guidance to the National Planning Policy Framework

Both Defra, 2012

See the note on noise emissions in the minerals section

 National Planning Practice: Noise

Planning Portal / HM Government

Further Reading

 National Policy Statements

Planning Inspectorate

Gives background and links to the statements published, concerning energy, transport, water and waste

 Noise Action Plans: Large Urban Areas, Roads and Railways

Defra, 2014

 Noise Exposure Data - England


Produced to meet the requirements of the Environmental Noise Regulations 2006, and intended to inform the production of noise action plans for large urban areas, major transport sources, and significant industrial sites in England

 Noise Action Plan for Wales 2013-2018

Welsh Government, 2013

 Wales Noise Map Viewer

Welsh Government

 EU Policy on Environmental Noise

European Commission

Gives background on the Environmental Noise Directive and associated resources