Pollution Prevention and Control


Regulators will be able to identify installations covered by the environmental permitting regulations, determine applications, and draft permits with appropriate and comprehensive conditions, drawing on a sound knowledge of the statutory guidance and Best Available Techniques. They will have an understanding of the different industrial processes covered by the permitting framework, and be able to research and identify aspects that present a risk of pollution and the control mechanisms that should be in place.

Regulators will be able to review or revoke environmental permits, and manage their variation, transfer or surrender. They will know what information needs to be placed and maintained on Public Registers.

Regulators will have a general understanding of the aims of environmental permitting – to reduce pollution and improve air quality – and measures necessary to achieve protection of the environment, including Environmental Risk Assessment and Environmental Management Systems. They will have an appreciation of the role of monitoring, operator competence and proactive maintenance in achieving best outcomes.

Core Learning Resources

  Guidance on Local Authority Pollution Control (LAPC) Regime

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

This includes the statutory general guidance manual on policy and procedures for A2 and B installations, together with the lists of process guidance notes for B activities and sector guidance notes for A2 activities. Regulators should treat these as primary reference documents for determining Best Available Techniques for permitting purposes.

  Environmental Permitting: Resources for Local Authorities


This includes details on the charging scheme (updated annually) and the risk methodologies for local authorities relating to A2 (LA-IPPC) and B (LAPPC) activities.

  Environmental Permitting Guidance: Core Guidance

DEFRA, 2013

  Air Quality and Pollution Prevention

Welsh Government

  Fees and Charges

Welsh Government

Training Courses



An integrated package of training seminars and written technical guidance

  Environmental Permitting Operator's Certificate

Chartered Institute of Waste Management

  Training Courses

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

Further Reading

  Industrial Pollution Control by Local Authorities:

A Management Guide

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 2004