Resources for Regulators


Regulatory Delivery provides tools and practical assistance to support the delivery of regulatory services. Its resources for regulators are listed in its product catalogue.

There are various technical groups that local and national regulators and businesses can contact for clarification and consultation on matters of technical interpretation and practical enforcement. These expert panels play a key role in providing professional expertise to the regulatory community. Information about them is available in the directory below.

This page also contains case studies published by the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), which became part of Regulatory Delivery on 1 April 2016, and practice examples concerning the delivery of local regulation published by the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO), the non-departmental public body dissolved in March 2012 that preceded BRDO.

Core Learning Resources

 RD Product Catalogue for Regulators

Regulatory Delivery, 2017

 Directory of Expert Panels

BRDO, 2016

BRDO case studies:

 Building on an Office Move - Gateshead Council

Closer working relationships have resulted from an office reorganisation that intentionally located Economic Development and Regulatory Services next to each other.

 Driving to Success - Silverstone Campsites

Better business support with benefits to the local economy has resulted from a ratings scheme for campsites.

 A Healthy Approach - Worcestershire Regulatory Services

Better business support with a wider impact on society has resulted from two initiatives promoting healthy food options.

All BRDO, 2014

Further Reading

Supporting local regulation

Organising to deliver:

 Lessons from the new unitary authorities

LBRO, 2011

Resource management:

 Great Yarmouth Borough Council

The use of systems thinking to redesign food inspection work increased the contact time between officers and business and enabled a new regulatory culture.

 Buckinghamshire County Council

The application of systems thinking to the trading standards service produced performance improvements and financial savings.

Both LBRO, 2011

Local engagement:

 Warrington Borough Council

Automated messages sent via an award-winning internet consumer advice network reduced doorstep crime.

 Lancashire County Council

A partnership approach focused on education, training and the dissemination of information improved underage sales compliance.

Both LBRO, 2010

Encouraging partnerships for local regulation

Shared services:

 Worcestershire Regulatory Services

A county-wide initiative improved services while making savings.

 Warrington and Halton Borough Councils

The creation of a joint trading standards service produced operational and financial benefits.

Both LBRO, 2010

Regional working:

 Central England Trading Standards Authorities

The online investigation of tobacco sales has provided better protection to consumers and honest businesses.

 London Trading Standards Authorities

A coordinated campaign to reduce the sale of knives to minors made a real difference.

 North East Trading Standards Association

Regional training on regulatory changes realised better outcomes for businesses and consumers.

 South West of England Regional Coordination of Trading Standards

The development of a safety toolkit for parents reduced accidents and provided better protection for babies and toddlers.

 Trading Standards East Midlands

A clampdown on cattle identification fraud provided protection for the rural economy.

 Yorkshire and Humber Trading Standards Group

The regional coordination of weighbridge inspection supported economic and environmental improvement.

All LBRO, 2010

Supporting local regulation in Wales

 Wales Heads of Trading Standards

The development of an internet enforcement toolkit provided more advanced ways to protect consumers.

LBRO, 2010

National Enforcement Priorities in Wales:

 Wales Heads of Trading Standards

Accreditation to issue penalty notices for disorder enabled trading standards services to operate more nimbly and independently in terms of test purchasing activities.

 Welsh Local Authorities / Food Standards Agency

The implementation of a national food hygiene ratings scheme resulted in various initial benefits.

 Cardiff Council

The introduction of Cold Calling Control Zones proved a significant success.

 Ceredigion County Council Environmental Health Improvement Team

Partnership working to manage the Night Time Economy Project led to tangible and intangible benefits.

All LBRO, 2011